Advent: The Righteous Branch

Posted on November 29, 2015

God promised to send for his people a righteous branch. The Lord is faithful to keep His promises. Listen as we examine who this righteous branch is.

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The Life-Giving Word

Posted on November 22, 2015

There are moments in life when we feel the weight of our own brokenness and the brokenness that surrounds us. We are not left without help. The Word reveals to us life. Will you receive it?

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Guided By The Word

Posted on November 15, 2015

There are moments in life when we aren't sure what to do, moments that are so heavy that we need something more than "follow your heart." What guides your life?

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Cherishing the Word

Posted on November 8, 2015

How do we cleanse life, becoming free of regret and shame? Where can we turn to be free? The Word reveals the way, so we cherish the Word. Do you cherish God's Word?

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Blessed By The Word

Posted on November 1, 2015

Scripture blesses people and reveals how they are to be blessed. Listen in as we explore how we are to be blessed and what that means for your life.

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